Edullect Academy is a social enterprise Islamic project of Edullect Limited. It is based in the London Borough of Havering and works with HCLA, a community based charity association, to provide access to technical and academic Islamic education. As a social enterprise the aim is to make courses accessible and affordable. On some of our courses, such as Hifz, we have donors who will sponsor learners (who qualify) for part or full duration of the course.

The project was inspired by a collaborative effort from the Shah family living in Gidea Park, Havering. Much credit is afforded to the elder and head of the household, Mrs Khoyrun Bibi, who is a spiritual guide, an inspiration for the family and formerly a Qur’an teacher whilst residing in Bedford, Bedfordshire. Amongst her investments for aakhira, she sponsored her grandson, Shah Ali Faez, to study Hifz al-Qur’an at Darul Uloom Leicester. Having qualified within three years, Hafiz Shah Faez has returned to his home town and is now one of the Hifz teachers at Edullect Academy.

Edullect Academy is a privately funded initiative and does not take any charitable donations other than gifts in accordance with the Sunnah. To partake in this fantastic project, we warmly welcome donors who want to sponsor learners in part or full (sadaqah jariyah). To assist in our community projects, we encourage you to give your charitable donations to our community association, Havering Community Learning Association (HCLA). Also, the Havering Islamic Community Centre (HICC), our local Masjid, is at the heart of the community, so we encourage you to continue to support our Masjid.